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Dr. Achala Dixit

Dr. Achala Dixit  BAMS

  • Total experience 27 years
  • General practitioner
  • Founder of hospital
  • Running 11 beds Nursing Home
  • 5k to 5.5k Deliveries
  • 4000 patient general surgery
  • 2 lacs OPD
Dr. Anand Dixit

Dr. Anand Dixit  BAMS

  • General physician
  • Additional: PGDEMS
  • Practicing since 30 years
  • ICU patients in geriatrics
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What You Need To Know About Clinic

Dr.Achala Dixit
Because We See People, Not Just Patients

Nursing Home is fully functional from 6 September 1992,Government recognised MTP and tubectomy centre. To deliver better services to each patients extent to the satisfactory level.We are using all updated and sophisticated services operation theatres


Dr Achala Dixit is one of the most experienced doctor I have ever met. She is the best in her field. She has a great team of doctors who are also very qualified and humble. Dr Achala not only gives personal attention to the patients, but also understands and listen to their problems in detail. I would strongly recommend her. Mam we are truly blessed to have undergone treatment under your guidance. Also many thanks to the entire team of doctors and staff members who have supported us from time to time.

Thank you so much Dr. Achala Dixit and Your team.

Rupali Shah

The doctors, support staff and sisters are very professional and considerate and also cooperative and good listeners too. The facilities provided are good. You can expect a good maternity and delivery service. All queries always answered in detail. Would like to thank her for the smooth journey of 9 months. They are someone who makes you happy and confident about your pregnancy and health, not at all a doctor who advices long list of medicines and lab visits. Follows a practical approach and guides you on things as is, doesn’t scare you nor shows you fancy picture.

I definately do recommend Sushrut Nursing Home.

Rupali Shah

I did consult Dr. Achala Dixit for family planning on recommendation of my mother-in-law and 3 sister-in-laws. My doctor is genuinely comforting. She made me feel very positive about my PCOD, pregnancy, and even normal delivery. She prescribed homemade remedies and modern medicines with a well balance. I have and will recommend my friends to consult her for any and every query.
-Saylee Aniket Nagane

Apoorva Pacharne

Past few days, I was searching for Gynaecologist in Kothrud area… I searched on social media, google and to some extent asked friends as well… But somehow was not able to conclude on whom to visit..

And then I got to know about Dr. Achala Dixit

First ever doctor whom I visited and didnt feel like conversing with a doctor. She is veey much friendly and makes her patients comfortable. She is damn good… Listens very patiently.. asks for details and queries first and resolves all the doubts… A very rare type of Doctor she is😍. I will recommend her to everyone.
Thank you Doctor for guiding me.

Hospital Sushrut Hospital, Bhelake Nagar

Apoorva Pacharne
Madhuri Mane

I am Madhuri Mane- Business development executive of Pioneer Diagnostic Centre and I would like to express few words about Dr. Achala Dixit.I regularly visit her for official work.Her Hospital is very clean and whenever I visit it feels very pleasant. Dr. Achala Dixit is an Experienced, expert doctor with warm and pleasant personality. She Has an well equipped hospital and clinic. One thing I have noticed about her is that,she recommends tests to her patients which are required and does not recommend unnecessary tests. She is also she is very good singer and whenever I visit her it feels like I am sitting with my friend.

Madhuri Mane

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